Paul Martin

A seasoned chemical engineer, with 30 yrs experience across the full breadth of the chemical process industry.


I spent 5 yrs working in process technology development and consulting roles, and have patents related to that work assigned to previous employers. My focus was on ground- and wastewater treatment and contaminated site remediation.

With Zeton Inc

I retired from Zeton Inc. after 26 yrs.

At Zeton I worked on a very wide variety of different types of projects. Projects have varied from early phase work, where I helped clients design experiments and apparatus to get good lab data for scale-up, to the design and construction of first of kind pilot plants, larger demonstration scale plants, and assistance with scale-up to commercial. Projects involved petroleum and natural gas and chemicals (hydrotreating, gas to liquids etc.), biofuels/biofeedstocks, primary metals, materials including battery materials, polymers and fine chemicals.

Spitfire Research

I’ve been practicing as a sole proprietor consultant in relation to environmental, water treatment and process development issues since before joining Zeton in 1996. Spitfire Research Inc. is just the most recent embodiment of a long standing private consulting business.

Spitfire’s scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • determining the correct number and scale of stages in a in process technology scale-up
  • scale-up risk assessment
  • review of flowsheets and process models
  • evaluation of pilot program results
  • investigating research and development claims for validity
  • technology readiness level assessment
  • assistance with R&D program development
  • expert witness work
  • technoeconomic evaluations
  • decarbonization strategy guidance
  • assessment of competing technologies
  • talks and focused teleconferences on matters related to hydrogen, energy and decarbonization options
  • electric alternatives to fired equipment